Карманный роутер Wi-Fi

Дата: Суббота 29 апр 2017 - суббота 30 сен 2017

Оставайтесь на связи во время отдыха в Ле Же с карманным роутером Wi-Fi с высокоскоростным доступом к Интернету (3Go/день, 4G/3G+) в любой точке деревни и в апартаментах !

To connect you anywhere anytime, rent your personal pocket Wi-Fi hotspot. It’s the best way to have a 4G/3G+ data access (3GB/day*). You could share it with your family or friends until 10 devices simultaneously (mobile, tablet, laptop). Easy to use, it will be with you during all your stay !
Rent per 7-day period
The Pocket Wifi hotspot must be booked online with an accommodation only.

What can you do (approximately) with 3GB per day?
-1.30h of video streaming
-10h of music streaming
-10h of browsing

*You will have 3GB of data per day.
When you will reach the 3GB the line will be suspended and will be reactivated the next day.

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