Chalet Kitchen: служба доставки завтрака и ужина

Chalet Kitchen предлагает ежедневную доставку блюд от шеф-повара. Шеф-повар родом из Ле Же предлагает отведать типичные блюда савойской кухни в авторском исполнении.

Menu designed to suit every guest and every budget. You can opt to enjoy four, five, six or seven nights of chalet catering. Minimum delivery for 4 adults.

- Every morning, Chalet Kitchen will deliver your freshly prepared meal, right to your chalet door.
- When you get back from skiing, just pop your meal in the oven, serve and enjoy!
- The next morning, Chalet Kitchen will collect the empty dishes and deliver another homemade speciality.
- No delivery on Wednesdays. Wednesday meal is delivered on Tuesday.

Breakfast delivery for 6 days

Breakfast delivery for 6 days
If you're ording your evening meals , why not to add your breakfast to the order?
Fresh bread and pastries delivery every morning just out of the oven!
- breakfast pack delivered on Saturday: milk, fruit juices, free range eggs, yoghurts, cereals, ham, cheese, butter, jam, tea bags, coffee, coffee filters, sugar, salt, sliced bread.
- fresh bread and croissants delivered every morning
- no delivery on Wednesdays.

Must be booked online with an accommodation only.

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